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    Holiday Activites for young people of Tupton 2019

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  • Holiday Activites for young people of Tupton 2019

    Holiday Activites for young people of Tupton 2019

Tupton Parish Council provides your local services. We strive to make Tupton a better place to live, work and play. Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find the information you require then please contact us.

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Posted: Fri, 13 May 2022 10:32 by Ruth Price

Parish Council Meeting 13th July 2022

The next Tupton Parish Council Meeting will be held on WEDNESDAY 13th July 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at Old Tupton Methodist Church. Legislation now requires that the Councillors meet in person but members of the public may still join the meeting virtually by clicking on the link on the agenda which will be available here a few days before the meeting. There will be a number of spaces available should you wish to join the meeting in person.

Posted: Thu, 07 Apr 2022 15:00 by Ruth Price

Travellers at Northside - Statement from Tupton Parish Council

A number of misleading statements have been brought to the Parish Council's attention in regard to the recent eviction of the travellers from the North Side Recreation Ground.

We can confirm that neither Lee Rowley MP nor County Councillor Charlotte Cupit has contacted the Parish Council, neither has either Mr Rowley nor Cllr Cupit directly assisted the Parish Council during the eviction process.

The travellers forced entry onto the playing fields on Sunday afternoon. Cllr Hancock attended the site, as did representatives of Tupton RUFC and New Tupton Ivanhoe FC. They spoke with both the police and the travellers and then tried to secure as much of the two clubs' property as possible. More »

The land is owned by both NEDDC and Tupton Parish Council and, on Monday, the Parish Clerk, Cllr Hancock and Cllr Shipman were involved in numerous conversations with the police, Environmental Health officers and NEDDC's legal officers. An attempt was made to contact the Police and Crime Commissioner, who has yet to reply. Once the appropriate welfare checks had been undertaken by the Environmental Health team, and following advice from NEDDC's legal team, the Bailiffs were instructed.

On Tuesday, the members of the Parish Council were updated and approved to extend the scope of the Clerk's delegated authority, in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair, to undertake all necessary action to evict the travellers and to secure and cleanse the site.

Also on Tuesday, the Bailiffs served the notice of eviction on the travellers.

The Clerk conducted further discussions with NEDDC's legal team and the Council's insurance company – to establish whether a claim could be submitted in regard to the eviction costs incurred; and Cllr Hancock and Cllr Shipman continued their discussions with the police.

On Tuesday evening, Cllr Ramshaw, Cllr Hancock and the Clerk met virtually with representatives from Tupton RUFC and New Tupton Ivanhoe FC to update them on the progress to date and to open discussions on how to improve security to minimise the risk of future incursions.

Overnight, additional caravans arrived and the police were called out again. There was some damage to exterior property at the Rugby Club. At 10:38 PM the police updated Cllr Hancock.

On Wednesday morning, Cllr Ramshaw and representative of Tupton RUFC visited the recreation ground to report back on vehicle numbers. Cllr Shipman did a reconnaissance of the site in the afternoon.

The bailiffs were due to attend the grounds on Wednesday afternoon to enforce the eviction notice. However, that morning's job overran significantly; and, had they undertaken the eviction later on Wednesday, the concrete blocks would not have been available for delivery until Thursday morning – leaving the site exposed to further potential incursion on Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning, Cllr Ramshaw was instructed to self-isolate and so continued her involvement remotely.

The bailiffs attended the site at 8:00 AM on Thursday morning to enforce the eviction notice. The process lasted 10 hours, during which time they were assisted by armed police. During this time the police phoned Cllr Shipman to ask if there were any alternative sites in Tupton the travellers could use. Cllr Shipman refused the request. Both Cllr Shipman and Cllr Hancock attended the recreation ground at separate points during the afternoon.

At 5:30 PM the final two caravans were wheeled onto the garage area, to allow the concrete barriers to block the entrance to the Rugby Club Car Park and Playing Fields. Cllr Hancock returned to the site to meet with representatives from Tupton RUFC and New Tupton Ivanhoe FC to discuss the repair work that would be needed to secure the playing fields and to discuss the most appropriate means of minimising the risk of the recreation ground being accessed again. The final two vans left around 5:45 PM.

Throughout this the Parish Clerk liaised with Hardstaff Barriers to arrange collection of the concrete barriers on Tuesday and Orbis Protect to undertake the sanitisation of the site on Monday.

On Friday morning, volunteers from Tupton RUFC repaired and re-secured the existing gate to the playing fields and purchased an additional ram barrier to install over the weekend.

A further report was issued to all councillors, along with recommendations from the previous evening's meeting; and the Clerk continued her discussions with the insurers.

Various communications were exchanged between the Parish Clerk, Councillor Hancock, Orbis and Hardstaff to ensure that the environmental clean up takes place, without a hitch, on Monday and that the barriers are collected on Tuesday morning to ensure that Extreme Wheels can take place on Tuesday afternoon.

Just before 9:00 PM on Friday, a caravan attempted to enter the site and was deterred by the security barriers. The caravan was pursued by the police.

Throughout the week members of the Parish Councillors have been liaising with the community to keep them updated.

Should anyone require any further information please contact the Parish Clerk: clerk@tupton-pc.gov.uk » Less

Posted: Sun, 01 Aug 2021 18:29 by Ruth Price

Discretionary Grants

Tupton Parish Council is funded by the residents of Tupton and therefore has only limited funds available to assist community organisations located and working in the parish. The total amount made available for discretionary grants is determined annually by the Finance & General Purposes Committee.
Subject to funding being available Tupton Parish Council is committed to providing assistance and support to local community groups which are set up to promote community life for Tupton residents.
The Council's financial support is provided by way of grants/donations which are decided against criteria set by, and which can be amended from time to time by, Tupton Parish Council.
The Parish Council believes that voluntary groups benefit the wider community and that each should have equal opportunity to access the discretionary grant fund; limits are therefore placed on the number of applications and the total amount of funding any one organisation may apply for in each year.

Tupton Parish Council has a duty to provide services to the local community. The Council cannot provide grant funding to organisations which would be unsustainable without direct funding from the parish precept; and will not consider grants/donations to any organisation which does not fully adhere to the Council's values statement.

Values Statement

Tupton Parish Council believes and recognises that the diversity of our population is one of our greatest strengths and assets.
We are committed to ensuring that people are treated fairly and to promoting equality of opportunity for everyone to live, learn, work and relax in the Parish.
We will address inequality both in the workplace and in relation to access to services and outcomes.
We strongly oppose all forms of discrimination and will actively work to eliminate discriminatory barriers and ensure that individuals and communities within Tupton have a sense of shared, common belonging and understanding
We formally condemn all forms of discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, religious beliefs and any other characteristics as defined in the Equality Act.


If your organisation would like to apply for funding from Tupton Parish Council please follow this link for the on line application form https://forms.gle/PpnaskJ8kZmZK9a1A